Thinking Of Moving Office in 2020?

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If you’re thinking about moving office this year you’ll no doubt have a long list of things to do. Top of that list will be find the actual premises themselves and that’s no small achievement. Once you’ve found the premises, negotiated yourself a great deal and handed it over to your solicitor then all the fun stuff can start, but don’t be picking the carpet just yet.

If you’ve never managed an office move before there are lots of things to consider and lots of very common pitfalls to avoid. The good thing is none of those pitfalls or mistakes are new, they’ve all been made before so take a little time to download a pre-prepared office move checklist and work through it methodically.

One of your first considerations should be what sort of internet connection do you need and what is available. Email ME with the new address you’re moving to, and I’ll be able to check and let you know. If you’re unsure as to what sort of internet connection you need read our guide to the available services HERE. Keep in mind dedicated FIBRE LEASED LINES take on average 3 months to get installed, sometimes quicker, often longer. Always start the process early, we can always slow down an order and delay it, but it can never be speeded up.

Thinking Of Moving Office in 2020? - LG Networks Once we’ve secured the internet of your dreams, we need to discuss how we’re going to move that internet around your building. You’ll need a balance of wired outlets for phones and computers and wireless access points for laptops and mobile devices. We’ll assess you planned office layout and advise of suitable locations for both wired and wireless locations. If you’d like more info on hard wired data cabling networks you can find it HERE and further info on our managed Wi-Fi installations HERE.

Once you’ve got wired and wireless connections in the right place then you can decide what services you’re going to push out to which location. You’ll need to decide who needs a VoIP Phone or whether a headset into a laptop is preferable. A properly planned data cabling network will not only support VoIP telephones, Wi-Fi, PC’s and laptops but CCTV and Access Control systems too. The cost difference between running 1 or 2 cables to a specific location is marginal, so the key with data cabling is to think ahead and allow for future growth, moved and changes. The most expensive cable is the one you didn’t run.

Moving office is stressful and potentially an expensive time for the business. Propper planning will minimise disruption and tying down the key infrastructure decisions early will help you focus on your team, your customers and the nicer things about moving office….now…where were we with the carpet…

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