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Renault Trucks Essex had been experiencing a few problems with unauthorised access to their premises, resulting in theft of parts and vehicles, along with damage to the yard itself. “We wanted a system that would be a good deterrent to would-be trespassers and one that would provide the image quality required for prosecution should it be necessary,” explains Paul Ayer, Dealer Point Manager. Another purpose for the system was to check the condition of vehicles when they entered the yard. “Having this clear proof of condition quickly solves any potential disputes with clients as to when any damage may have occurred to a vehicle and removes a lot of the emotion from the process”.

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We suggested Sony IP cameras for the project. Six Sony CH160 cameras have been installed externally around the perimeter of the building to cover parking areas and the access gates. “These cameras have excellent night vision and we haven’t needed to install any additional lighting to achieve the images we needed, despite the yard not being well lit at night,” explains Stuart Smallcombe, Operations Director at LG Networks.

Internally, Sony CH120 cameras view the reception area and service bays. “It’s great having cameras covering the bays for asset protection, but also to allow clients waiting in reception to see their vehicles being worked on,” says Paul. “Not only does it help occupy their time, but it also shows our professionalism behind the scenes.”

“IP CCTV is coming far more into our skill set these days thanks to the move towards IP,” explains Stuart. “We build IP networks, and a camera is simply a device that sits on the end of these networks. Whilst our main background is in VoIP telephony, an IP camera isn’t really that different. We needed to learn how cameras fit into the recording side of things, plus positioning, angles of view and so on. Fortunately, Sony offered us training courses to help build our knowledge and we’ve already done some very extensive IP CCTV installations that have allowed us to really hone our skills.”



Paul is delighted with the system. “We’ve been using the cameras for about four months now and they’ve already provided us with the deterrent we were hoping for. We have caught a couple of potential thefts and sent photos of the perpetrators to the police. The cameras are so good, we’ve even helped our neighbours with a break in on their property. we captured everything on the system and sent the footage to the police.”

The cameras are also being used to help manage the business. “We can easily see when vehicles are arriving and if there are any congestion spots developing – all from a single point. It helps that the system is so easy to use and we’ve been able to intuitively discover the best way for us to use it.”The model has been so successful it has been emulated at Renault Trucks Sites in London, Felixstowe, Northampton & Exeter, with further sites in the pipeline.

“The new CCTV system sends out the right message to all involved,” concludes Paul. “For would be trespassers, it clearly advertises that the property is protected and that their movements are being monitored. For customers, it shows that we value their business and are serious about protecting their property.”

LG Networks has always offered us a great service, and they were the logical choice to add CCTV to our networks. They’re a local company and are very quick to respond to any issues we may have, not just for CCTV, but also for our phones and networks. It certainly makes sense for us to have one company cover all of these aspects.

Paul Ayer, Dealer Point Manager
Renault Trucks Essex

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