Access Control

Protecting your business premises with an Access Control system

Access Control systems enable organisations to secure their business premises by monitoring and restricting access. Installing an electronic access control system is not only an efficient and convenient way to protect your business, it will also ensure that you never have to change a lock again.

Cards or access tokens are managed by a permission-enabled administrator. The ability to auto-lock any door within your business when it closes, or enable restricted access by time, will add another level of security to your business.

Advances in technology have enabled organisations of all sizes to benefit from the installation of an access control system by:

  • Offering higher levels of security and safety, protecting people and assets
  • Monitor activity following an incident where security has been breached
  • Reduce risk of security breaches in the future

Controlling access to parts of the building where sensitive information is stored such as HR, Accounts or server rooms is simple and straightforward with an Access Control system.

Most popular Access Control sytems

Standard Access Control Technology Systems

LG Networks can restrict access to your entire business premises or specified areas within a building with access codes and token technology.

Biometric Access Control Systems

We offer full biometric door entry capability with fingerprint and facial recognition to future proof your access control security.

Access Control and CCTV Integration

Integrating your access control and your CCTV system to enable the two IP systems to communicate with each other and share information, develops a powerful security network.

Why Choose to Install Access Control?

Access control technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. There is no one size fits all approach. Which is why you need to work with a team of experts who can design the perfect access control system to meet the unique requirements of your business.

With over 20 years of experience in planning and installing bespoke access control systems – which can integrate with new or existing systems, LG Networks provide outstanding customer service before, during and after installation.

If you would like more information about how integrated door entry technology can provide enhanced premise security for your business, please contact our experts now.


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