Planning your office relocation to minimise disruption and cost

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An office relocation can represent an exciting step in the development of a business, with a new location and environment providing fresh and exciting opportunities. However, it can also be fraught with risk to business due to disruption and unexpected cost, which is why thorough planning is absolutely essential to prevent any loss of business to your organisation. The longer you have to plan with your providers the better, and to allow robust back-up plans to be put in place.

There are many aspects to consider – legals, design, logistics and not least business systems. Although we work with some excellent legal teams and design houses, our expertise can add value through proper planning, management and implementation of the logistical and systems installations. From liaising with BT Openreach to relocate your phone lines and internet, to working with removal specialists to physically move IT, telecoms and other electronic equipment, we have the experience to ensure your office relocation goes smoothly, minimising disruption and cost.

We will be pleased to provide you with checklists to help plan your office relocation, highlighting key milestones and alerts. Areas where we can assist include:

Voice, data and security networks

Even if you are relocating from one STD code area to another there are ways of porting your number to any location, meaning you do not have to change your number and advise clients. The lead time for this is approximately six weeks, and anyone who claims they can do it in two weeks is most likely pulling a fast one on you.

The question everyone asks us is “is VoIP right for my business?”. I’m afraid there is no catch-all answer for that question – it depends on what type of internet connection you have, how much of the day your staff are on the phone along with other factors. The important thing is to start investigating well in advance (and if anyone tells you it’s free they are definitely pulling a fast one on you!).

Other areas in which we can offer Project Management advice include:

Managed Services

  • Management of mechanical and electrical services & lighting
  • Short-term provision for construction sites and temporary offices
  • Furniture relocation, refurbishment or replacement
  • Reprographics – copy, scanning & print services
  • Removal service including parking permit management

The key to the success of your office relocation is proper prior planning. Three months is generally a minimum to ensure all services being in situ on time, especially if you are considering a dedicated internet connection, such as a leased line. Six months gives you a very good chance to plan effectively and keep costs to a minimum. Many successful moves have taken place with a full twelve months’ notice, ensuring not only the move is planned correctly, but that proper disaster recovery plans can be put in place as well.

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