The Cost of Selecting the Wrong Cabling Partner

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If your business is just starting up, you’re upgrading an existing network, or looking to relocate to new premises, your choice of office cabling services and office cabling suppliers can have long-term and serious consequences.

Installing and running the wrong kind of cabling for voice communications or data networking purposes can adversely affect the speed and efficiency of your network and reduce your business productivity. Making the wrong decisions in finding the right supplier can be disastrous.

The Need for an Appropriate Cabling Solution

Data storage, handling and transmission are at the heart of the digital economy. For success in this competitive environment, information transmission has to be clear and quick – with instantaneous or near real-time exchanges as the ideal. To allow for this, both communications and data networks require a backbone infrastructure composed of the highest quality and best performing materials.

Network cabling is a crucial element of this – but it’s one area which is often overlooked.

Choosing an appropriate cabling solution for your business can mean the difference between clear communications, fast network connection speeds and reliable data handling, or a level of performance that renders your business inefficient and unreliable.

Your choice of cabling services and suppliers will be determined by the performance needs, operational requirements and finances available to your business, as well as your working practices and physical environment.

Choosing the Right Materials and Office Cabling Suppliers

Physical considerations must be taken into account, when deciding on the most appropriate network cabling solution for your business. Factors such as the size and layout of buildings, regional / geographical location and whether the premises are rented or company-owned, will all influence that decision.

At the performance level, business communications and data transmission requirements will determine the physical nature of the network cabling itself. For example, a company operating from rented premises and having moderate data transfer needs might opt for twisted copper wire cabling, while an organisation with several geographically dispersed branches might benefit more from the longer runs, physical resilience and greater bandwidth provision of a fibre optic network.

Office cabling service experts like LG Networks, offer specialist advice on these areas.

Properly Gauging Your Speed and Bandwidth Requirements

Before opting for a particular cabling solution, it’s advisable to make an assessment of your existing network configuration (if you have one) and to make an estimate of the bandwidth, infrastructure and other requirements of your proposed new installation or upgrade. There are software utilities and online resources to assist in doing this, but most will only give a rudimentary assessment, without necessarily going into the finer details of which grade of cable is required, how the cabling should be configured, and so on.

As a specialist, LG Networks will go the extra mile, and provide consultation and advice throughout the network assessment, design, installation, testing, and deployment processes. This service is both thorough and ongoing and backed by information and resources which are time-tested, and meet the highest industry standards.

Making Allowances for the Future

From the outset, it’s important to allow for some level of redundancy or surplus in your network configuration, to compensate for performance fluctuations, and to allow for increases or reductions in network demand.

For many business environments, network infrastructure may be expected to perform at optimal levels for an average of ten years, with modest cabling systems supporting up to three generations of active electronic devices. So materials selection, network design and upgrade cycles must be planned with these base time-frames in mind, in addition to “future-proofing” allowances for advances in technology or anticipated increases in network traffic and bandwidth demands.

As well as acquainting clients with all the cabling options available, LG Networks will provide accurate and honest assessments and suggest network configurations which will serve future requirements without the frequent need for significant upgrades.

Implementing the Most Cost-effective Solution

Start-up companies and smaller scale enterprises may be tempted to bring cost-cutting measures to bear when it comes to network cabling. However, this can result in a business network that’s delivered within budget, but which doesn’t deliver the anticipated level of performance.

Rectifying the situation and / or installing an upgrade to the underpowered system may ultimately result in a greater expenditure, so it’s important to think through whether this is the area to restrict budget.

The Essential Need for Expertise in Office Cabling Services

Specialist skills and a proven track record are essential characteristics of a good cabling and data networking partner. These qualities should extend from the initial design and installation phases through to pre- and post-installation testing, consultation, technical support, maintenance and periodic re-testing of a network.

All of these should be conducted using techniques and materials which conform to the required and relevant industry standards – both those governing the work of the office cabling suppliers and those regulations specific to the industries of their clients.

At LG Networks we provide the knowledge and expertise needed to satisfy all of these conditions.

In a business environment where failure to comply with regulatory compliance demands can have severe legal and financial consequences in an economic climate where an inability to meet user or customer demands and service expectations can seriously impact the bottom line, the correct choice of office cabling services and office cabling suppliers is now a critical component for success.

If you’re looking to partner with reputable office cabling services and office cabling suppliers, or need help or guidance in setting up and maintaining your data network or business communications system, get in touch with the experts at LG Networks.

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