Location Matters when it comes to WiFi Signal Strength

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WiFi signal strength can be a significant factor in how well or otherwise your business performs – especially for a mobile workforce, or remote workers whose location is outside of traditional office or commercial spaces that rely on static installations for their network access. 

If network provision isn’t via a fully configured installation that’s under your organisation’s direct control, your workers may find themselves having to rely on wireless internet connectivity such as that provided at public hotspots, or through the setting up of local wireless hubs. Poorly maintained public WiFi or badly set up personal or group routers may give only a patchy performance. The result can be slow browsing speeds, an inability to stream data, dropped WiFi signals, or wireless dead zones. 

Even with a wireless network exclusive to the business, some of these problems may also be encountered by workers at your various facilities. Besides configuration or hardware errors, physical location may be one of the principal reasons for poor WiFi performance.

Location Matters when it comes to WiFi Signal Strength - LG Networks

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