The Top 7 Business Benefits of the New 5G Networks

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WiFi signal strength can be a significant factor in how well or otherwise your business performs – especially for a mobile workforce, or remote workers whose location is outside of traditional office or commercial spaces that rely on static installations for their network access.

5G networks will usher in the fifth generation of mobile technology and the fifth generation of wireless broadband connectivity. Unlike previous generations such as 4G and LTE for mobile phones, 5G networks won’t be associated with a single type of technology. Rather, there will be a 5G ecosystem that takes in numerous networks, which support a wide range of different devices.

In countries such as the USA, South Korea, China, and Japan, 5G networks are expected to launch by the end of 2018, or early in 2019. A general release of 5G is anticipated in the UK as from 2020. Much of the early adoption has been in China and media organisation CNBC reports that as many as 1 billion global consumers could have access to 5G network speeds by 2023.

For sellers, this represents a huge market. But the potential of 5G promises a number of benefits beyond selling opportunities, to business organisations of all types and sizes. Here are the top seven:

1. A Step Up in Speed

If all goes as promised, 5G will enable a quantum leap in network speeds, rather than a simple step up.

Speeds estimated at between one and ten Gb per second (as much as 100 times faster than existing 4G networks) will allow for faster data transfer, in both uploads and downloads.

For business processes, this should translate into faster applications and better file-handling. And it will also enable improved performance and quicker response times for completion or delivery.

2. Greater Capacity to Operate and Expand

As 5G networks are designed to have greater capacity, businesses will have more bandwidth available to run multiple applications simultaneously. The networks will also be able to cope with data traffic from a diverse and developing range of devices and software.

Upgrading of business data networks will become easier, as enterprises evolve to take in new technologies and infrastructure, or to meet with changing demands. The scaling up or geographical spread of business communications set-ups like the VoIP telephony systems provided by LG Networks will also be facilitated by the capacity of 5G.

3. Higher Quality

The time-lag or latency associated with data transmission on previous generations of network will be all but eliminated. Delays of 1 millisecond or less, are anticipated on 5G networks, which are undetectable to the user. This will allow for virtually “lossless” data transmission.

For businesses, this will translate to consistently higher quality for voice and video communications. The safety and integrity of information transferred over business data networks will also be improved, increasing consumer and business user confidence in the quality of databases and connected applications.

4. Greater Network Flexibility

The slicing up or segmentation of various portions of a business network enables businesss to keep a closer eye on the security and administration of these segments. It also allows for the creation of smaller virtual networks, which may be assigned to certain tasks or business units.

5G networks include network slicing as a part of their design and extend this functionality to the businesses that use them.

5. Improved Business Communications

The greater speed, minimal latency and enhanced data handling of 5G networks will improve business communications in a number of ways.

Call centres and business generally will benefit from having higher quality audio, fewer dropped or missed calls, and the ability to easily field lots of contacts.

Optimisation of voice and data streams should improve. This will allow for near-seamless integration between different kinds of communications tools and business software.

Unified Communications (UC) systems like those provided by us, will offer improved performance, and the option of better incorporation of new technologies and tools as they emerge.

6. Scope for Innovation

The advanced systems associated with 5G networks are expected to usher in a new generation of communications technologies, from which businesses will also benefit. Fully autonomous (“driver-less”) cars and trucks are just one part of a spectrum of new products, applications and services that are predicted for the near future.

5G will be the medium for new Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools capable of enhancing customer / user experiences and bringing new levels of immediacy to video conferencing and other enterprise communications.

Industries as diverse as the retail, health-care, manufacturing and gaming sectors are expected to lead in adopting these innovations.

7. Cost Savings

5G is predicted to extend the battery life of devices by up to ten times. So businesses will see immediate savings in terms of hardware and infrastructure.

5G networks will also enable a shift from a hardware-based economy to one that relies more on software and systems. Software-based network environments relieve businesses of the burden and expense of equipment maintenance and monitoring. Savings from reduced administration and other processes can filter throughout the enterprise and ultimately, to the consumer.

Preparing for the Future of 5G Networks

5G networks are still in their early stages of development. But the step up in technology that they represent will require businesses to upgrade their own technologies, to keep pace.

The reduced dependence on local infrastructure and storage to allow for network latency will enable organisations to shift more of their resources to the cloud. And the introduction of 5G to new areas will require enterprises to form partnerships with telecommunications and network solution providers who are equipped to deal with the new technology.

LG Networks provide advanced networking solutions for businesses and with our well-established track record, we are uniquely positioned to assist your business in getting the most from the new 5G networks.

If you need assistance or information on 5G networks, business communications, or data networks, get in touch with the experts at LG Networks.

The Top 7 Business Benefits of the New 5G Networks - LG Networks

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